Bryan Michael Greene
Instagram: @bryan.m.greene Bryan Michael Greene

Born Bronxville, NY, 1973.

New Media Statement:
Computers, Pets, Animals, Religion(I went to Catholic School For 7 Years), Skulls and Flowers (because there complicated to draw and have a very specific visual reaction) , Zombies and the Undead (pop culture), Dressing in costume (I find Models difficult to direct), Model making (Building worlds based on real places), and Social Identity ( where I see my place in the world). All these things define the art I make.

Abstract Statement:
Gravity (Because its force is predictable), Runs, Drips and the unknown action of paint(A reference to action painting). Fills and Squiggles(organics that fine the composition), Color (Growing up my cousin was into everything Rainbow and Unicorn it had an effect on my color interests), Layers (Embossing layers look cool), Glow in the dark(for the night), Large canvas(because I tried this tech on small canvases and they looked terrible), Squeeze bottles( to control the flow of the painting), Viscosity(Determines the action), Paint Markers( sometimes I just want to Draw).


School of Visual Arts, NY, NY – Master of Fine Arts: Computer Arts : Digital Painting: 2006
School of Visual Arts, NY, NY – Bachelor Fine Arts: Painting: 2002


The Flaneur, Fountain House Gallery, New York

At the Table, Fountain House Gallery, New York

Our People, Fountain House Gallery, New York

 2018 Group shows at Fountain House Gallery (FHG) New York, NY:

 Mad About Art 2018, November 2018. Fountain House Gallery hosted its 17th Annual Benefit at Metropolitan West in NYC. The event featured original art created by Fountain House Gallery artists living and working with serious mental illness.

 Domicile, September-October 2018. a contemporary survey of painting, sculpture, photography and mixed-media works engaging with our intrinsic, insistent relationship to the idea of Home.

 Redefining: 10 FHG Artists Living and Working with Mental Illness: March 2018. "Redefining" showcases an array of works by Fountain House Gallery artists.

 About Face, March- April 2018. showcases more than 65 artworks by Fountain House Gallery artists, including acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. Paintings by Bryan Michael Greene selected for promotion of the Show, including post cards and window dressing at the FHG.

2017 Group shows at Fountain House Gallery New York:

Mad About Art 2017: November 2017, Music on my Mind, works inspired by music and the emotions it evokes.

The Peaceable Kingdom  September-October 2017. “The works in this exhibition are incredibly sophisticated and tackle with depth and integrity the elusive concept of the Peaceable Kingdom,” said Zimmerman, Vice President, Specialist in Outsider and Folk Art, Christie’s. “At its core, the Peaceable Kingdom is an exploration of harmony and coexistence, and the range of approaches into this subject—from reinterpretations of Edward Hicks’s famous paintings of the subject to social commentaries denying the idea’s current existence—are exciting looks at an enduring quest for accord as well as at the challenges and joys of twenty-first-century life.”

The Peaceable Kingdom showcases more than 40 works by 35 Fountain House Gallery artists. Mediums include acrylic, watercolor, oil, mixed media, and photography


The Art of Fashion June- August 2017. "Art and fashion have a symbiotic relationship,” said Battista, curator, writer, and Program Director, MA Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s Institute of Art New York. “I love that the artists have considered fashion in the broadest sense, from personal style and identity politics to street art and celebrity culture. Abstract patterns that derive from textiles, as well as works derived from textiles themselves, play an important role in the show. The work of mainstream artists sits effortlessly with that of the Fountain House Gallery artists, and creates a dynamic and fun dialogue across generations and styles."


The Written Word January-March 2017. The Written Word showcases artworks inspired by literary classics by authors including Emily Brontë, Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe, Ayn Rand, and Arthur Rimbaud. More than 50 pieces in the exhibition have been made on wood blocks of uniform size, displayed like book covers on the gallery’s walls.

The Written Word is curated by Joyce Siegel, an artist and arts educator who works with not-for-profit arts organizations in New York City.


2016 Group shows at Fountain House Gallery New York:


Mad About Art On November 17, 2016, Fountain House Gallery hosted its 15th Annual Benefit at Metropolitan West in NYC. The event featured an open bar, light dinner, live entertainment, and an art auction. 


Small Works: October-December 2016. Past Fountain House Gallery “Small Works” shows have been a rousing success with holiday shoppers and collectors.

This exhibition features dozens of small-scale works, sized at 5 by 7 inches or less, which can be purchased “off the wall” and fit conveniently in a tote bag or briefcase. 



The Art of Democracy September-October 2016. In light of the upcoming elections and the ubiquitous discussion of politics, curator Anne Strauss invited gallery artists to engage in the conversation through their work. For this show, selected artists have critiqued and commented on this enduring political spectacle and how it affects the world's view of America in this election year.

Among the mediums represented in The Art of Democracy are: acrylic and watercolor painting; pencil and pen and ink drawing; mixed media; and digital photography.


Connected/Disconnected May-August 2016. is curated jointly by Monty Blanchard and Leslie Tcheyan. Blanchard, who currently serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the American Folk Art Museum, is a former investment banker and an active collector of folk and outsider art, vernacular photography, and ethnographic and indigenous arts from around the world. Tcheyan has been a consultant in the jewelry industry for the past three decades. In January 2016 she launched with her daughter the brand Of Rare Origin, whose debut line – known as the "Aviary Collection" – has captured the attention of retailers and editors nationwide. 


Perchance to Dream March- May 2016. Perchance to Dream is curated by artist and art collector Ronnie Wiener, founder of the Full Moon Arts Center in East Moriches, NY. The Center has made it possible for emerging artists, among them a number of Fountain House Gallery artists, to be in residence for short periods of time, affording them the opportunity to work in a large, naturally lighted space.

“The theme of Perchance to Dream grew out of my understanding of and willingness to explore my dreams – that part of my unconscious that speaks in ‘dream language’ – and apply it to my work,” said Wiener, whose work is included in this group exhibition. “Once I understood the dream to be a map or series of clues to greater understanding, I began to consider that part of myself essential to my artistic expression. I believe in the commonality of symbolic and mythic storytelling and consider it one of humanity’s great privileges to have the capacity to envision our inner lives. It is with this optimistic appreciation of life that the artists of Fountain House Gallery and I discussed their capacity to bring their inner world to the fine art form. Even in the nightmare, artists can liberate themselves and share a communication that is connective and inspiring.”


One Step Beyond: Art Off the Charts  January-March 2016. One Step Beyond is curated by Margaret Bodell, an arts entrepreneur working in the fields of placemaking, public art, and creative work-force programs; MaryAnn Fahey, cofounder and director of Umbrella Arts, who curates contemporary art exhibitions and public art projects and is a prolific bookmaker and portfolio consultant for professional and emerging artists; and Caroline Kerrigan, a producer of art fairs, exhibits and documentaries on the arts. Kerrigan was recently Deputy Director for the Public Experience at Prospect.3 – the international art biennial held in New Orleans 2014/2015.

This exhibition explores the pervasive influence of music on the visual arts – whether through lyrics, rhythm, syncopation, mood or simply the transformative nature of song. As listeners, we “feel” the primal force of diverse musical forms and styles, and the experientially and geographically diverse artists whose work is represented in One Step Beyond invite us to “see” music through their eyes. Among the works showcased in One Step Beyond are: Martin Cohen’s (Fountain House Gallery) oil on paper pieces depicting pop music icons including Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix and Lady Gaga, and jazz greats Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie; Myasia Dowdell’s (LAND Gallery) acrylic on canvas “Stevie Wonder,” “Elton John” and “Michael Jackson”; and the mixed media on linen work “Equalizer” by Ruben Marroquin, an American-born Venezuelan artist based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Fountain House Gallery artist Linda Bienstock offers a tip of the hat to the realm of classical music in the mixed media “Mozart and His Harpsichord.”



2015   Springs Invitational Ashawagh Hall, August 2015. East Hampton NY.

2015 Featured Show, The White Room Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

2015   Small Works Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015    Winter Grand Salon, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015   21st Annual Juried Small Works Show, Upstream Gallery, Hastings-    On-Hudson NY.

2014   76th Diamond Anniversary Exhibition - Artist Member Show, Guild Hall, East Hampton LI, NY.

2013 6th BDAA Members Juried Exhibition, Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY.

2013   Clothesline Art Sale, Guild Hall, East Hampton LI, NY

2013    75th Diamond Anniversary Exhibition - Artist Member Show, Guild     Hall, East Hampton LI, NY

2013   Double Exposure Curated by Luis Perelman, Blue Door Gallery,         Yonkers, NY

2013    5th BDAA Members Juried Exhibition - Award: Third Place, Blue         Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY.

2013   19th Annual Juried Small Works Show, Up Stream Gallery, Hastings-    On-Hudson, NY

2012  “Cheers” Holiday Exhibition, New Rochelle Council on the Arts, New     Rochelle NY.

2012 56th Annual Art Exhibition,  - Awarded an Honorable Mention in         Graphics, The Women’s Club of White Pains, White Plains, NY.

2012 - An Group Exhibition @ The Arts Exchange, Arts Westchester (Westchester Arts Council), White Plains, NY. 

Arts Westchester Holiday Boutique December 2011

Arts Westchester open studio event ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11

SVA Summer Residency in Photography Gallery Show ’10

SVA MFA group show ’06

Metropolitan Museum Of Art Employee Annual Show ’03 

SVA freshman drawing show ’93.