​​Bryan Michael Greene

Abstracts in Color Theory, Gestures and Gravity

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Bryan Michael Greene: Born NY, 1973

Working with mixed media Bryan created a number of small works in different styles. These works on paper helped him search for a way of drawing that was hand guided and randomly organic. Elements of abstraction, known for their role in action painting, like the drips, runs, and gravity helped create compositions based on the helix from DNA and the rolling hills of natural Landscapes. 

As Jackson Pollock dripped onto canvas laid out on the floor of his studio, Greene works on the wall with squeeze bottles. Guiding the viscous paint with the metal tip of a bottle used for painting on silk. The paper he paints on has been mounted on two inch cradled gesso board to get the best effect on the paint from gravity. At different stages of the painting he turns and rotates the paperboard as he adds more layers of squiggly abstract shapes.

Greene can plan but not predict the final composition. This faith in the unknown makes the composition a guided intuition.

MFA: School of Visual Arts (Computer Art)
BFA: School of Visual Arts (Fine Arts)

Artist Statement

My paintings are created by letting  gravity dictate parts of the composition. I give up control of the mark making in each image. Gravity provides these elements through drips and runs on the paper. 

By choosing the color of the outlines and the color of the fill-ins the eye moves around the image in a way that is made by artistic choice. Using two shades of each color in the spectrum between red and magenta, one deep and one lighter, I create a color gradient to fill the shapes made by the drip outlines.

Starting small and working out the way to make the image. I spend time making two to three images in one technique and then add newer elements to the next group of images.

The medium does not really have an effect except for the viscosity of the paint and the waterproof nature of the paint. High viscosity allows the drips to form and waterproofness makes sure the outlines don't mix into the fill color.